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CENTER 531_ LED Light Meter

Production information

• User Adjustable Parameter For Special Light Source
• Measure Most Popular Light Sources In Lux or Fc
• Removable Probe For Easy Access To The Source
• Cosine And Color Corrected Measurements
• Built-in Sensor With Protective Cover
• Min/Max Average And Auto Power Off
• Large LCD Display For Easy Reading
• Max/Min Function

Measuring Range:
  0.0 to 199.9/1999/19990/199900 lx  
  Automatic/manual selection of range
Resolution: 0.1 Lx ;  0.1 fc
Accuracy: ±3%rdg, ±5dgts (standard A light source)
Response Time: 0.5 sec
Temperature characteristics:  ± 0.1% / °C (away from 25°C)
Battery: Size AA battery x 2
Dimensions: 169x63x37 mm
Weight: Approx.210g