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1_ Software installation fail ?
(1) Please install the software version up and USB driver.
      Remark: If you use USB cable, it must be our model USB300 or USB120 
(2) Please follow our illustration steps.
    “Launch the CP210x VCP Driver Installer” option, must be mark "".
(3) Please try to follow the below operating steps.
     1st  step: to power on Meter.
     2nd step: to connect our USB cable.
     3rd step: to open the our software.
     If it still cannot be connected, please try to select other COM ports.
2_ Software installation fail in windows 10 ?
If you work with Windows 10, please check as the following steps.

(1) Please press  the right button of the mouth, when you click the “SE309.exe”. And then choose ”run as administrator” to try.
(2) Please also check the security administration of the user in your laptop.

(3) Please check if it is blocked by anti-virus software or windows defender.