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CENTER 25_ Flexible AC Clamp Meter (10"/18" Coil)

Production information

• Measurement Ranges: 30A/300A/3000A AC
• Output Sensitivity: 100mV/10mV/1mV per Amp
• 8.5mm coil diameter allows measurement in tight spaces (Double insulated)
• 10”flexible sensor fit around conductors up to 3.2”in diameter
• 18”flexible sensor fit around conductors up to 5.8”in diameter
• Dual banana plug termination for direct input into DMM
• Flashing LED low battery indicator

Range Resolution Accuracy
30A/300A/3000A 100mV/10mV/1mV per A
(AC coupled)
± 1% of full scale
Bandwidth (-3dB): 10Hz to 10KHz
Phase Error: < ±1°
Position Sensitivity: ± 3%
Noise: 0.03A/0.075A/0.5A
Sampling Rate: 2 times/sec
Battery: 1.5V, size AAA battery x 2
Probe Cable Length: 10"_254mm ; 18"_458mm
Dimensions(Meter): 120X70X26 mm
Weight: approx. 325g
 PS.  The above specifications and other information are subject to change without notice. 
Please contact sales person for the latest specifications update.