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CENTER 372_ Dual Input RTD Thermometer (Water Proof)

Production information

• IP67 Water Proof Housing To Work For Almost All Kinds Of Environments
• PT Temperature Sensor For Less Environmental Dependent Reading
• PT100 Sensor With 
a Value Of 3850/3926/3916 RTD Standard
• Max/Min/Avg Function
• LCD Back Light
• °C, °F Scale Selectable And 0.1°C, 0.1°F Resolution
• 3 Sectors Battery Life Indicator
• Dual Input Channels

Measurement Range:  -100~300℃ ; -148~572℉
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1%rdg ±0.4℃
Resolution: 0.1℃ ; 0.1℉
Sampling Rate: 2 time/sec.
Water Resistance: IP67 (EN60529:1991)
Battery: 1.5V, size AAA battery x 3
Dimensions: 150x66x31 mm
Weight: Approx.175g
Sensor Type: Platinum temperature-measurement resistor
(Pt100/4 line type)

PS.  The above specifications and other information are subject to change without notice. 
Please contact sales person for the latest specifications update.