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CENTER 332_Hot Wire Anemometer

Production information

• Air Velocity Measurement: m/s, km/hr, ft/min, MPH, 
Knots & Build In Temperature ºC / ºF, Humidity %RH
• Air Velocity Compensation In Atmospheric Pressure
• Air Flow Measure: CMM, CFM
• Telescoping Hot Wire Probe
• Fast Response 
• Large LCD Display With Backlight
Min/Max/Avg & 2/3Vmax Function
With USB Interface Supply Power
Adjustable Auto Power Off Timer
Data Hold Function
Battery Life Indicator
• Tilt Stand

Measuring Range:
 Air Velocity: 0~25 m/s (0~5000ft/min) 
Air flow: 0~999900 m3/min (ft3/min)
Temperature: -20°C~60°C (-4°F~140°F)
Humidity: 0~100%RH
Air Velocity / Flow: ±3% reading ±1% F.S.   
Temperature : ±0.8°C (±1.5°F)
Humidity: ±3.5%RH
0.01m/s (1 ft/min)、0.001 m3/min (ft3/min)、0.1°C、0.1°F、0.1%RH
Sampling Rate: 2 time/sec
Telescopic Probe Length: 330 to 870 mm (4 sections)
Cable Length: 1890 mm
Max. Extension Length:  2220 mm
Operation Condition: 0~50°C (< 80%RH)
Storage Condition: -20~60°C (< 70%RH)
Battery: 9V alkaline battery
Dimensions: 185x65x36 mm (meter only)
Weight: Approx. 410g